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New Videos For You to Fucking Enjoy

Hey, fans of mine. Yes, I’m addressing all four of you. I’ve got some new videos for you to watch. The first one is a comedy video and it’s fucking hilarious. I can say that objectively. I put intense care into making it, and by intense care I mean I conceived, “wrote”, shot and edited it in the span of maybe two hours. I found out about this contest to see Soundgarden at the Artist’s Den last week and because I’m working on Larry Gaye at the moment, my weekdays are all eaten up, and my Saturday was eaten up by the Orphanette show and my stupid birthday (but more on that in a minute). Anyway, this is too much information that you can’t possibly care about. Here’s the video: 

So that’s one. “Like” and “Share” that fucker. I need the exposure. 

Now here’s the next one. It’s “One Little Sip,” the last song we played at the Orphanette show. You don’t see much of me, but you sure can hear the shit out of my very impressive drumming. You know they’re impressive because I just told you they were.

Here’s that video: 

“Like” and “Share” that god damn thing too. 

Okay, I guess that’s it. More importantly, I’m bored of typing this so I’m going to end it. 




Some of my work…

Here’s my favorite documentary piece I’ve done so far. It’s a piece on the Baltimore Station Band. After spending the day with them, they all opened up for me in a way you can only hope for when entering a situation with camera-in-hand. I went in expecting a fun little music-driven piece. As a matter of fact, after the band was finished practicing, I thought I was done shooting for the day. They asked me if I played any instruments, and eager to get behind Brian’s set, I told them that I played the drums. Though I was nervous, I played with a band for about ten minutes, just jamming and improvising – having fun. After this we all felt a lot more comfortable with each other, and they sat down and started talking. I grabbed the camera, hit record, and the rest just unfolded as you see it below.

For a complete collection of my documentary shorts, please follow the link at the bottom of my homepage.