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Hi there. It’s been awhile because a) I’m busy, and I’ve got more important things to do than update my website (I don’t), and b) seriously, I have been busy. In a good way.

When I’m not PA’ing my way across Hollywood for money, I’m making stuff, and that’s good, because there’s about to be a lot coming at you. For instance, I just made this: 

Okay, maybe that doesn’t warrant a proper updates, but I swear I worked on it for upwards of two hours. Rigorously.

Anyway, there’s more shit, so calm down.

In the past year, two short films I’ve written have been produced and started to see the world on the film festival circuit. The first is Godverdomme Coffee, directed by Eric Elofson (which I’m credited as co-writer. Correctly credited. I’m not being shitty and passive-aggressive, I’m just clarifying, because I co-wrote it with Eric. Well, really, he wrote a draft, I wrote two drafts, he took some of the stuff from my drafts and put them into his final draft. So we wrote it together. Separately. So, yeah. Co-wrote.). God damn it, no one’s reading this.

Anyway, click the poster below for a link to the IMDB page, and then watch the trailer because it’s a good trailer.



<p><a href=”″>Godverdomme Coffee – Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Eric Elofson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Watch that? Good. You should have. You’d really be missing out on the complete website post experience if you just skipped down here and kept reading like an asshole. Anyway, that movie is premiering in the U.S. at the Boston International Film Festival on April 12, 2014. So go watch it.

The next movie is called Bull Shit, directed by Marc Wiltshire, and I don’t really know why I mentioned it because I don’t have anything to share from it. But I will! The website should be going live very soon, and I’ll be posting it right here for you to visit. 

I’m proud of both of them, and I think both are worth your small amount of time if you ever get the chance to see them. I’d imagine one or both of them will be available for viewing at some point right here on the World Wide Web.

For right now, that’s all I’ve got to share, but stay tuned, because in the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting a link to the Bull Shit website; Kickstarter/Indiegogo information for a comedy web series I’ve been working on with fellow Tisch Asia alumni Will Buckingham, Mike Butler, Amy Hartman, Matt McRee, and Michael Mejia called Right Hand Man; and even the first song from my upcoming music project, dogwater, called “The Wade Eternal” (with guitars, guest vocals and lyrics by fellow Orphanette, Brandon Otani) (holy shit!).

Thanks for tuning in, kids, and expect more very soon.

Also, share my shit! I need exposure!


Another (Kind of Uneventful) Update

Hello again. Please refrain from breaking into song a la Neil Diamond. No one gets that? Okay, let’s move on to the post.

Hi. This is an update. I just did a show at the Comedy Store. It went well. Really well. Unfortunately, I don’t have video recording, but I do have audio. The copy I’ve heard so far is of pretty horrible sound quality, so I don’t think I’m going to share that, but if I get the other one and it’s good, maybe I’ll post it. You’re kind of not missing that much, a lot of it is material that you can already see here on my website or over at that YouTube site, and the stuff you haven’t heard, to be honest, I kind of want to save because I’m almost certainly going to use it again.

And there will be an again! I’m going back up at the Comedy Store on Wednesday, January 2nd. A whole nother (but not necessarily all-new) five-eight minutes. So be excited and be there. Tickets are, as usual, $10 and there’s a two drink minimum. Don’t worry, I don’t see any of that money, so if you don’t like my set, you won’t necessarily directly be supporting me, but there will probably be another comic there that you do like! Last time there were around 10 comics and they were all really funny (I was the funniest, of course). There was even a surprise appearance/set at the end of the night by the mega famous Russell Peters, so who knows who could show up next time, right? Also, I can technically say I’ve opened for Russell Peters now, can’t I? I mean, is that kosher? It’s not necessarily lying, because I did go on the same stage before him on the same night in front of the same crowd. So yeah. Fuck you, I’m saying it.

Anyway, come see me on the 2nd. I’ll be funnier there than I’m being right now, I promise.

Also, check this shit out: I’m in a band! Yup, I’m the drummer for a local LA band called Orphanette. We’re kind of a retro-alternative, not-so-indy-but-a-little-indy kind of band. And guess what. HOLY SHIT! We’re playing a show. Yup, you can find all of the relevant information HERE. It’s going to be fun. We’ve been practicing our asses off upwards of 1-2 times a week.

Hmmm, what else? I guess nothing. Isn’t that enough? Two different performances of different kinds of entertainment? What the fuck do you want from me? A ballet recital too? All right, fine, but you’re going to have to wait for the next update.