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So, yeah. I’m a “musician” as well. Never been trained per se, but been playing instruments since I was eleven and have particularly taken to the drums, but also play guitar and “sing.” As of recently I’ve been writing music as well, and some of those songs are in the process of being recorded. My main musical endeavor, however, has been playing drums for the LA band Orphanette with Ichiro “Itch” Irie (vocals/guitar/bass), Brandon “Dregs” Otani (guitar and bass), and Alex Chaffon (guitar/bass/vocals). We frequent The TRiP in Santa Monica, and have also played gigs at The Good Hurt in Venice and Molly Malone’s in Hollywood. Below you can find a smattering of our performances, and you can find our recorded tracks over at Stay tuned for original recordings from my side project DOGWATER.


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