The poorly maintained website of a comedian and artist you've never heard of

Graphic Design

Hey, bet you didn’t know this: on top of all of my talents, I’m also an accomplished graphic designer (what was that? You didn’t care? Oh…). Well, anyway, I studied Communications/ Multimedia at Eastern Technical High School for three years where I worked extensively in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and also learned the basics of Macromedia Flash, Director, and Dreamweaver (is was still Macromedia’s back then).

I also worked for several years at Urbanite magazine in Baltimore as part of the design/production team  (you can find many of the documentary shorts I wrote, directed, produced and edited for them in my Misc. Portfolio).

If you’re interested in seeing my graphic design portfolio (didn’t we already decide you weren’t?), please visit my page at the much-more-easy-to-navigate


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