The poorly maintained website of a comedian and artist you've never heard of



A sampling of some of my stand-up comedy.

My lanky performance (the last of the evening) at the inaugural story-telling event, The Candle.

A performance where I experimented with some new, harsher material at Comedy Masala.

Finally, here’s the first time I ever did stand-up comedy in January of 2010. Look how stupid and nervous I look.

Comedy Shorts:

Silent But Deadly – A very no-budget short that I wrote and directed.

The Dickheadish Ghost of Captain Hook – Another no-budget, but funny, short I did with some friends.

Mustachioed Mephistopheles – A comedy short by me and Sean Ainsworth for the Assassin’s Creed/IFC film contest.


“Roomies,” an experiment in improvisation.

“Don’t I Know You?” Another experiment in improvisation.

“Hair of the Dog,” a really bad improv that you probably shouldn’t watch.

Just for Fun:

Some outtakes from some of the aforementioned videos


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