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Orphanette – Exposition Studios Session

Well, this is kind of a hard post to write. I’m posting something that I’m really proud of, and really feel blessed to be a part of, but am unfortunately walking away from. The video you see above is sort of the culmination of the band that I got to play the drums for these past two years in Los Angeles – a video that captures us at our tightest and shows you what we had to offer in terms of originality and dynamic as a band. Ichiro, Brandon (or Dregs, as he often goes by) and Alex (who unfortunately had to leave the band last May) were some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever met and some of the coolest, most genuine and talented guys I’ve ever had the chance of working with. I’m 30 years old now and for my entire life I’ve been trying to put a band together. If you’ve ever tried to do that yourself, you’ll know how hard that is. It’s really hard to find people who play instruments that are cool, reliable people, and even harder to find people that you just have a natural, musical chemistry with. The four of us just clicked and found our thing, and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. It was a life-long dream to one day be in a band and play live shows, and with Orphanette I not only got to do that, but I got to have a lot of fun doing that and grow as a musician, an artist, and a person.

Because I got a great opportunity for work that is just a bit too far from Los Angeles, I have to say goodbye to Orphanette. It sucks, but I can’t thank the other guys enough and I’m really happy we have a lot of things – including this video – that we were able to make and be proud of together.

Hope you enjoy it too. If you do, be a doll and share it.


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