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Videos from Orphanette Show (The TRiP) 7.25.14

Hello, people who accidentally stumbled across this page while looking for pornography. My band, Orphanette, for whom I play the drums, recently played a show at The TRiP in Santa Monica. So here are some videos from that show. Watch them?

Yeah, so I know you can’t really see us in them that well, but that’s us playing the songs! Anyway, if you like them, come watch our next show: The TRiP Pre-Halloween Show on 10.30.14. We’re headlining! And it’s free!

Also, keep up with any news from Orphanette or dogwater (my other music project) on the new music section of my page which can be found here.

I’m not feeling particularly creative right now, so that’s it.

Right Hand Man.



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