The poorly maintained website of a comedian and artist you've never heard of

Welcome, newcomers!

Yeah, so, welcome, newcomers! (Don’t worry, all of those commas were warranted. And don’t get caught up on the fact that addressing the “newcomers” assumes that there were “oldcomers.”)

Anyway, I just got finished interning/PAing on a film called Lovesick, directed by Luke Matheny and starring Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter, Adam Rodriguez and Chevy Chase. Check it out, it should be funny. It was a great experience and if I werent so lazy I would totally write about it.

During the film, I handed out a lot of business cards (upwards of 15!), so hopefully there will be a few new people running across my website.

That being said, here’s some of my best received pieces.


Stand-Up Comedy/ Storytelling:



And just for fun, the first time I ever did stand-up:



mom mom (a comedy sketch)

The Baltimore Station Band (a documentary short I wrote, directed and edited)
And finally…
Rites of Ash – “Burn” (a music video I co-wrote and co-directed)
There’s all kinds of other shit on here you might find interesting or entertaining, and I hope to start doing stand-up again in the next week or so now that I’m out in LA, so check back for low quality videos of that. You can also check out my design work, if for some reason you’d want to.
Thanks for coming. Hopefully it wasn’t a waste of your time.

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