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One Godverdomme Cup of Coffee


I’m posting this here so that you give me money. Well, not directly to me, but to the film that I’m working on. The film (as I think I’ve previously mentioned, but am too lazy to check my past posts) is called One Godverdomme Cup of Coffee. It’s a short that is going to be directed by Mr. Eric Elofson, a promising filmmaker coming out of NYU Tisch. It’s about the last minutes of a man’s life before he faces execution via the electric chair in Changi prison, Singapore and how he desperately fights for the last thing he has to fight for – his final meal request. It’s of course a comedy (which should have been obvious as soon as I said “execution”) and the story was initially written by Mr. Elofson, but he’s brought me on board to do some re-writing and reconceptualizing and our collaboration is going very well so far. At least, he’s done nothing but praise my work, so I’m happy and still like him. I really think we have something neat here, so you should give us (moreso Eric) your money. For more information, watch this thing:

There. So, again, donate. Please. It could be possible I’ll see money for this (though it’s not likely), and I’ll gladly let you pay me.

On another note, I’m relocating again. This time, I’m headed to The Angels, California. That’s “Los Angeles” for all of you Spaniards. I’m going to be breaking into the industry and taking the world by storm, or at least by pesky breeze. I’ll be picking my production company (Tangled Web Productions) back up as soon as possible and making sketches and webisodes of some stupid, short comedy series (serieses? More than one) with my friends Matt McRee, Will Buckingham, Russell Clarke, Amy Hartman, and perhaps more people if they want to waste time and work on a mediocre product for no money. I’m also going to start doing stand-up again (I know I’ve been saying that for a while, and you’ve not been caring, but I’ve been stockpiling new material for the LA clubs, so look out, world, and prepare yourselves for some polite laughter).

That’s it for now. Sooner than later I’m going to redesign the Tangled Website to match the amazing design quality that this site does(n’t) have.

Adios (that’s “Goodbye” for all of you non-Spaniards),


Oh, fuck. Almost forgot. Here’s the link to where to send money: IndieGogo/Godverdomme Cup of Coffee


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