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The Monty Worthington Show (or “The Cradle Will Fall: My Life with Tiffany”)

Hello, buttfaces. Here’s another sketch that I wrote for the Redhill Antisocial Club show back in February. I wrote it with my friend and colleague, Craig Massey (who plays the bouncer in the video). I originally conceived it as a video sketch – something in the vein of VH1’s Behind the Music, but we had to make it play for the stage and Craig helped me do that. I’d still like to do it in that format as I think the “surprise” would play better, but we did a decent job making it work for the stage I think.

It stars Tori Keenan-Zelt, Liam McDonald, Will Buckingham, me (Chris Rebbert, duh), Craig Massey, and Nevil Jackson (with a special appearance by Craig’s daughter, Hailey (spelling?).

You probably could have read all of this on the actual video’s description, but I’m repeating it all here because I have nothing better to write. Also, you’ll notice I’m reading off of a script, and that’s because I hate acting and am too dumb to remember lines.

I guess that’s it. It’s not like you read down this far anyway.

Until next time,



One response

  1. Liam

    That was awesome. I forgot how funny Nevil was as Tiffany. Everyone was just great!

    May 17, 2012 at 12:49 pm

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