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Watch My Graduation! (Though why would you want to?)

Hello, hypothetical reader. I just graduated from Tisch Asia (that’s NYU’s Graduate Film school in Singapore), and I was selected to give the student speech (with a special guest, not to give anything away). We tried something a little different, and people seemed to like it, even though watching it now I seem way too nervous and boring. The speech is about 20 minutes in. It’s marginally funny, I promise. I also performed a song (again, nervously and poorly – you can see me drop the guitar pick at the end), with my good friend, Su Ching Teh (it’s the same song I post before, “Felicity”).

Anyway, here’s the video. And don’t ask why I have a horseshoe mustache in it. I don’t even know. The speech is at 00:21:17, and the performance is at 01:01:45 (and at 01:08:30 you can see me drop the pick like a retard). Finally, I walk at 01:33:48.

Also, our thesis read (mentioned below) went amazing. Amazingly? Which is it? Dammit, I just got my MFA in Dramatic Writing. I’m going with “amazingly,” because it’s an adverb, but I also don’t care enough to look it up. Anyway, we got rave reviews from our friends and other audience members, the people laughed hysterically, and I swear these are actual Facebook responses (not like the made-up quotes used before) from people who don’t really matter at the moment, but they’re my friends and colleagues, so fuck you, their opinions matter to me:

“It DESTROYED!!!!AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME SCRIPT!I will do all I can to ensure this TV series actually gets made!!” – Ishaan Kumar

“Congrats Christ and Matt ! That’s a brilliant screenplay! I can’t wait to see it on TV!♥” – Yanqiu Fei

Well, that’s it for now. I’m going to start doing stand-up again soon, so look out for videos of that shit. Moving back to the States in a week, and out to LA shortly thereafter to take on the world (and probably lose).

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