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Some of my work…

Here’s my favorite documentary piece I’ve done so far. It’s a piece on the Baltimore Station Band. After spending the day with them, they all opened up for me in a way you can only hope for when entering a situation with camera-in-hand. I went in expecting a fun little music-driven piece. As a matter of fact, after the band was finished practicing, I thought I was done shooting for the day. They asked me if I played any instruments, and eager to get behind Brian’s set, I told them that I played the drums. Though I was nervous, I played with a band for about ten minutes, just jamming and improvising – having fun. After this we all felt a lot more comfortable with each other, and they sat down and started talking. I grabbed the camera, hit record, and the rest just unfolded as you see it below.

For a complete collection of my documentary shorts, please follow the link at the bottom of my homepage.


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